25 December 2008

The Spirit

Written & Directed by: Frank Miller
Full credits from IMDb

Grade: 3/5

Early in The Spirit, the Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson) bashes a toilet over the head of his archnemesis, the title hero (Gabriel Macht). The Octopus gets a good laugh out of it, but the Spirit, a rapid-healing, mysteriously back-from-the-dead policeman turned caped fighter, stands there dazed and straight-faced. Offended, the Octopus defensively declares, “Toilets are always funny!” Such is the ethos of Frank Miller’s goofy comic book movie, based on the series by Will Eisner. Hitherto best known to moviegoers as Robert Rodriguez’s co-director on Sin City, Miller here abandons the gritty for the puerile.

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