30 March 2009


Directed by: Matt Aselton
Written by: Matt Aselton & Adam Nagata
Full credits from IMDb

Grade: 0.5/4

Paul Dano looks weird. With his planar forehead, nubby chin, and inward-sloping face, he resembles a living Daniel Clowes drawing. Naturally, then, he's often cast in oddball roles, like the Nietzschean mealy-mouth of Little Miss Sunshine, the character he channels most in Gigantic. (Rather than, unfortunately, the superiorly seething and serpentine preacher of There Will Be Blood.)

The press notes provided very little information about the filmmakers, so I'll speculate: I imagine they were raised in a bona fide Squaresville, U.S.A., where cheerleaders and football players told them they were strange and they eventually came to believe it, to define themselves proudly by it. So now they've made this, a movie about eccentrics whose sole function is to be eccentric because, in a romantic Sundancer like this, being eccentric is a virtue in and of itself—old bullies be damned.

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