04 May 2010

The Space Between

Written & Directed by: Travis Fine
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Writer-director Travis Fine ought to be ashamed of himself: not at all because he’s created another vehicle to spotlight the talents of Melissa Leo—who garnered a deserved Special Jury Mention for her performance—but because he uses the deaths of thousands of people as a catalyst to Open The Hearts of his contrived characters. Leo stars as a crusty, alcoholic flight attendant (with horrible taste in music) in charge of an unaccompanied Muslim minor (Anthony Keyvan); when the plane is grounded because it’s September Fucking Eleventh, plane movie becomes road movie as she chaperones him back to NY—by bus, until they’re kicked off for Racism! Directed At Children!, and then by used car—to look for his father, who worked at Windows on the World. They will also make a pit stop so she can deal with her own family issues, where there will be more Racism! Directed at Children! “We’re stuck together, whether we like it or not,” Leo is actually forced to say.

Will this miserable woman-on-the-run and this scared, sensitive kid have anything to teach each other? Will they…form some sort of mutually enlightening and educational bond? You bet! As long as 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing have something to say about it!

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