24 September 2010


Directed by: John Erick Dowdle
Written by: Brian Nelson
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In the past, the perpetually underappreciated M. Night Shyamalan has reserved his ire for the critics, as when a monster mauls a movie reviewer in 2006’s The Lady in the Water. But in Devil, which his nascent production company backed and for which he conceived the story, he spews his vitriol at the entire audience. All of you philistines who chided The Happening? You’re all going to Hell…unless you beg forgiveness and own up to your idiocy. After all, Shyamalan is still—remember Signs?—a good Christian!

He is not, however, a good writer. M. Night’s only saving grace has always been his superlatively elegant aesthetic style. Each effort is otherwise hampered, if not hamstrung, by lame dialogue and self-righteous storytelling: The Village is delightful to watch, but only with the sound muted. So, who would want a movie that’s slathered with the Shyamalan brand but whose images lack his graceful touch?

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