29 October 2010


Written & Directed by: Gareth Edwards
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Basically, Monsters is a remake of It Happened One Night—if instead of Depression-era America Clark Gable had had to traverse King Kong's Skull Island. And Frank Capra had been a moron. Like Gable, Scoot McNairy plays a journalist escorting a wealthy brat (Whitney Able) with an overbearing father across the country. Except here, that country is Mexico, and it's been infested with killer aliens.

Yes, the border region between the U.S. and its southern neighbor has become the "infected zone," overrun with cephalopod-like creatures after a UFO crash-landed, contaminating the landscape with, literally, "bad seeds". It's an almost-irresistible gimmick: an ambling, opposites-attract romance set against a science-fiction backdrop—Before Sunrise confined within the electric fences of Jurassic Park. But...

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