09 May 2011

Beyond the Black Rainbow

Written & Directed by: Panos Cosmatos
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Mescaline-mystical mindfuck Beyond the Black Rainbow could announce a new subgenre: glacial horror. The movie has the booming synths of a John Carpenter score and the primary-color lighting scheme of some Dario Argento classics. But this dystopic, retro-headed science-fiction film—characters in the credits include "mutant" and "sentionaut"—moves at the pace of a mind on powerful hallucinogenics, as though it can't move forward because it's so fascinated by the objects in its field of vision. Like last year's impressionistic Amer, director Panos Cosmatos's feature debut reduces cinema to its basic elements: to the image, the implication, the general feeling. And that feeling is one of tremendous apprehension.

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