16 April 2009

Every Little Step

Directed by: Adam del Deo & James D. Stern
Full credits from IMDb

In 1974, choreographer Michael Bennett sat down with 24 dancers to talk about their lives, research that he and others would later transform into A Chorus Line. In 2006, that show returned to Broadway for a revival, which inspired this not-unlikable documentary: Every Little Step explores the musical song by song, character by character, illuminating its history while documenting the revival; it blends recordings of Bennett’s initial conversation with archival footage, interviews with the original cast, biographical sketches of the revival auditionees and footage of the audition process, to which the filmmakers were granted remarkable access.

The movie turns the tryouts into an American Idol of sorts, with judges, contestants and behind the scenes glimpses of both. It’s ├╝ber-meta, following the audition process for a musical about the audition process, and the film hits on what the show did: the actor’s struggle, the lives of permanent audition. At turns, Every Little Step is compelling and dull, moving and irritating, funny and eye rolling—much like A Chorus Line itself, in a final meta stroke.

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