27 April 2011

Grave Encounters

Written & Directed by: The Vicious Brothers
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The abandoned mental institution-compound that provides the setting for Grave Encounters, a haunted hospital horror head-scratcher, is not merely possessed in the traditional sense. Yes, monstrous spirits do eventually appear, terrorizing and picking off our cast of heroes. But the buildings themselves seem alive—the characters become trapped in a living maze, where floor plans adjust by the moment, obeying only nightmare illogic.

The movie takes its name from the fictional television-program-within-the-movie, a reality show vaguely similar to Syfy's Ghost Hunters, in which a crew visits haunted properties around America and films the paranormal happenings therein. They are skeptical showmen who get their comeuppance at the Cropsey-like facility they choose for episode six, where the ghosts are as real as the deaths they cause.

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