02 June 2010


Directed by: Barbara Brancaccio and Joshua Zeman
Written by: Joshua Zeman
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Conspicuously made on the cheap, Cropsey looks ugly. But, unlike too many other DV docs, this one compensates for its aesthetic shortcomings—here, with lurid setting and subject matter. It investigates the disappearances of a handful of developmentally disabled children in the 1980s, thinking the answer lies in the backwoods of a backwoods: if it's hard enough to believe you're within New York City limits even when standing in Staten Island's busiest commercial districts, it's near impossible from within the strip of forest that cuts through the outermost outerborough's middle. There lie the crumbling, graffito'd wards of an abandoned mental hospital, which the filmmakers believe hold the key, evidentially but also spiritually, to solving the movie's mysteries.

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