04 June 2010

Get Him to the Greek

Written & Directed by: Nicholas Stoller
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...This bromantic, road-tripping pub-crawl [a spin-off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, by the same director] winds down to a major buzzkill. I mean, here I am, vicariously enjoying an escapist, recession-era celebration of champagne guzzling, hotel trashing, and chauffeured living when suddenly the “dark side of rock and roll (a.k.a London/NYC/LA)” is “exposed” and heteronormativity, celebrated. Movies have to apologize for having fun now? The problem is that Greek never apologizes for what it should...It’s a load of laughs, but it’s a lot like Bruno in that regard: it requires us to ignore, a little bit, its ideological darkside—namely, its treatment of women.

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OR, read a separate essay, "It's Funny Being Black," about the film's treatment of race, also at The L Magazine.

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