16 June 2010


Written & Directed by: Mark & Jay Duplass
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So many contemporary comedies are undone by a case of The Plots—you know, when the laughs grind to a halt so the filmmakers can wrap up a story that nobody cares about? Mumblecore alums Mark and Jay Duplass (Puffy Chair, Baghead) tackle the problem in their latest, Cyrus, not by chucking the story but by trying to dissolve the jokes into it. Produced by Tony and Ridley Scott, the movie feels like a Will Ferrell vehicle shot with a handheld, like Step Brothers by way of John Cassavetes. The actors turn caricatures into complex characters; broad situations are filmed tightly (even if they're still conspicuously contrived), squeezing the usual comic-absurdities into a "quirky realism" context.

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