21 February 2012

Kill List

Directed by: Ben Wheatley
Written by: Ben Wheatley & Amy Jump
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Ben Wheatley's cryptic, loose, gory, and discombobulating sophomore feature is part kitchen-sink drama, part hit-man buddy picture, and part pagan death-cult horror movie—as though the fellas from In Bruges wandered into a version of Wicker Man directed by Mike Leigh. It revolves around Jay (Neil Maskell), an out-of-work and rageoholic assassin-qua-family man, with a Danny Torrance-looking son and an embittered marriage. For half an hour, the trio's domestic dramas play out, but unsettling jump cuts and Jim Williams's unnerving Penderecki-esque score suggest something amiss beyond family strife. Then Jay gets a new job.

Not unlike Jacob's Ladder, the movie concerns former soldiers—in this case, UK Iraq War vets—inhabiting an increasingly surreal world of nocturnal visions and peculiar encounters.

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