10 July 2008

Days and Clouds

Directed by: Silvio Soldini
Written by: Doriana Leondeff, Francesco Piccolo, Federica Pontremoli, Silvio Soldini
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Grace: C

It’s tough to feel as bad for Days and Clouds’ characters as they do for themselves. Michele (Antonio Albanese) and his wife Elsa (Margherita Buy) lead a lavish lifestyle: far-flung vacations, pricey presents and extravagant parties, with a maid to clean up. Their paintings have brushstrokes. But when Michele, a classic bulb-nosed, bald-on-top sad sack, loses his high-paying job, they have to make sacrifices: she quits her unpaid art restoration gig — get your handkerchiefs out — to become a secretary; he degrades himself as a handyman.

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Anonymous said...

well, actually i loved this movie :)