26 August 2008


Written & Directed by: Jeffrey Nachmanoff
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Grade: C

For writer-director Jeffrey Nachmanoff, who helped pen The Day After Tomorrow’s pretext-for-FX script, the best way to tackle terrorism in film is to follow old formulas and make the kind of movie everybody has seen already — just add Muslims. Lots of Muslims. Traitor, a film about jihadis orchestrating attacks across the globe, opens as a prison movie, slips into a mob movie and goes off into a heist picture, all along intertwined with a police procedural. The film exploits all of those genres’ tropes: rival prison gangs, good cop-bad cop routines, assassins in black leather jackets, even a prison break straight out of Prison Break. But it has Muslims! Lots of Muslims. Traitor may aim to capture the zeitgeist with all the Mohammedans, but it’s still rooted in decades-old Hollywood clich├ęs.

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