03 September 2008

Save Me

Directed by: Robert Cary
Written by: Robert Desiderio

Grade: C-

In Save Me, Mark (Chad Allen), drug-addict and homosexual (both, natch), is presented with a choice: dry out at a Christian homosexuality-rehabilitation center or do the detox program at “County General”. He opts for the former. (Is County General the hospital from Jacob’s Ladder or something?) Nearly a decade ago, But I’m a Cheerleader tackled the absurdity of conversion therapy for laughs but, two terms of George Bush later, Save Me plays it straight. Apparently, such fringe outfits are no longer laughing matters, but it’s still hard enough to take Save Me seriously without director Cary adopting a lifeless television-aesthetic to boot, from shot-countershot ad nauseum to having the actors stand around and do nothing but wait to talk to other characters.

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