13 November 2008

A Christmas Tale

Directed by: Arnaud Desplechin
Written by: Emmanuel Bourdieu & Arnaud Desplechin
Full credits from IMDb

Grade: 3/5

Director Desplechin doesn’t keep a comfortable distance from the characters in A Christmas Tale (Un Conte de Noel); he gets in close. Real close. When a doctor drips drawn blood onto a testing strip, Desplechin can’t leave it at that; he must get microscopically close, so he shows several shots of colliding blood cells. The thinking behind it, presumably, is that the nearer the camera gets to the actors’ bodies, the nearer the director gets to revealing his characters’ emotions; the only way to see the unseeable is to get right next to where it would be. So A Christmas Tale, a home-for-the-holidays character drama, is shot at a nose’s length.

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