21 July 2010

Get Low

Directed by: Aaron Schneider
Written by: Chris Provenzano & C. Gaby Mitchell
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In director Aaron Schneider's schmaltzy Get Low, which uses its score like sitcoms use canned laughter-and-awwws, Robert Duvall plays Felix Bush, a hoary, hirsute hermit who plans to throw himself a living funeral party; Bill Murray is the droll funeral director tasked with making it happen. The party is supposed to give the townsfolk a chance to share the rural legends they've heard about the old loner. But really, he intends for it to serve as public, pre-deathbed confessional.

Bush can't forgive himself, and has so much self-loathing he couldn't ask for it from others: his isolated cabin serves as self-imposed prison, where he has spent 40 years as warden and sole prisoner, punishing himself for wrongs he committed as a young man...

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