09 September 2011

Apollo 18

Directed by: Gonzalo López-Gallego
Written by: Brian Miller & Cory Goodman
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It's not NASA that launches Apollo 18's secret title-mission—it's the department of defense, signaling that this is no mere movie about the space shuttle program (however serendipitously timed to its demise). It's instead about the noble sacrifice honorable volunteers make for their country—on the orders of craven, corrupt civilians in control of our national (and intergalactic) safety. The movie's three astronauts are, unbeknownst to themselves, American soldiers in space. Their enemy? Killer spiders from the moon.

There was a time when a movie with space poison-spreading arachnids would have taken its name from them, but Apollo 18 borrows instead from its conspiratorial revisionism.

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