29 February 2012

Interview: Oscar-Nominated Directors of Time Freak

Director Andrew Bowler and producer Gigi Causey, who lived in Brooklyn a while before decamping to Los Angeles last year, were nominated for an Oscar this year for their short film, Time Freak, a time-travel comedy. I spoke to both by email about Brooklyn, their film, and the sometimes surreal nomination experience.

Will you write a speech?
They have a lunch for the nominees very early in the process and while they have everyone together—and it is everyone—they encourage us (strongly) to prepare something and commit it to memory. Then they show you a video by Tom Hanks on how to give a good Oscar speech and he, too, asks you to please be prepared. So, since it's hard to say no to Tom Hanks, we have prepared something. You only have 45 seconds before they play you off so it will be brief for sure. If we are lucky enough to be up there, we plan on mentioning the countless people who have helped and supported us in the collective 30+ years that Gigi and I have been working at this.

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