05 February 2010

From Paris with Love

Directed by: Pierre Morel
Written by: Adi Hasak
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From Paris with Love, a politico-hilarious buddy action-comedy, concerns an American special operative invading a foreign country (France, home of chess-playing sex crazies) and engaging in indiscriminate murder and mass destruction of property. Hey—just like last year's Taken! But this time, it's funny. Director Morel, who also helmed that exuberant Liam Neeson revenge fantasy, is shaping up to be the War on Terror's greatest, and perhaps only, satirist.

John Travolta stars as the secret agent and has a gleeful time, his best work in years, embodying the archetypal boorish American, with his muthafuckin this and cocksuckin that, his love of firearms, energy drinks and cheeseburgers (there's a cute Pulp Fiction reference), his mild racism and action hero bons mots. He's rude to waiters, encourages coke-snorting on the Eiffel Tower elevator(!), and initiates scenes of epic violence, like the "Shaw Brothers chop suey show," a guns-blazing shooting spree, he puts on in at a Chinese restaurant...

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