21 February 2010


Directed by: Clint Eastwood
Written by: Anthony Peckham
Full credits at IMDb

Hey, I...like[d] Freeman’s performance [here]—which is saying something, because I don’t usually like Morgan Freeman. He always acts with his voice, and what I liked most here is that he was forced to assume an accent, and so it was like watching an actor I’m not sick of. Of course, he won’t win the Oscar—that would have been like giving Obama an Academy Award. (The Nobel Peace Prize isn’t enough?) Because...the Obama parallels are glaring[...]: the assassination paranoia; the thrilled, historically oppressed black population; the looming unemployment problems. Did you notice the way he alienates his base with his message of compromise reconciliation? And yet he still manages to push through rugby reform. Obama should call a meeting with Morgan Freeman right away.

This turns out to be a Profile in Rugby Courage, and...it’s a great movie right up to the point that it becomes terrible.

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