21 February 2010

The Good Guy

Written & Directed by: Julio DePietro
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"Bad" equals "Wall Street" in The Good Guy, a caustic depiction and moral exploration of Bloomberg's New York couched in the conventions of the romantic dramedy. Vagina-waxing bitches and douchebag daytraders, a.k.a megamoney misogynists—indistinguishable white dudes and carefully placed minorities, for Hangover-style "hilarity"—surround the only living decent twentysomethings in New York, the City of Bullshitters: an army-vet computer tech (Bryan Greenberg) and a urban conservationist (Alexis Bledel). She preserves old things, like New Amsterdam-era walls, and old ways, like human decency. In the contemporary city, where she and her soldier boy are moral outsiders, a million dollars is "a buck," coinage goes in the garbage, books are gay, being nice to women is gay, piƱatas are packed with prescription pills and "old-fashioned" means "preferring vaginal intercourse".

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