16 July 2010

About Her Brother

Directed by: Yôji Yamada
Written by: Yôji Yamada & Emiko Hiramatsu
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Director Yôji Yamada is shaping up to be a kind of Japanese Clint Eastwood—and, like Eastwood, he’s making his share of missteps. Consider the parallels: As Eastwood cut his teeth on a popular show (Rawhide), so did Yamada spend much of his career working on a beloved series (40-some-odd Tora-San films). Both old men are now known best for something else, though: thoughtful reinventions of their respective country’s foundational genre (Westerns for Eastwood, with Unforgiven; samurai pictures for Yamada, with his Fujisawa trilogy). And, also, female-centered melodramas.

Yamada’s latest, About Her Brother (Otôto)...belongs to that category, as did his previous feature, last year’s unnoticed masterpiece, Kabei: Our Mother.

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