06 August 2010

The Other Guys

Directed by: Adam McKay
Written by: Adam McKay and Chris Henchy
Full credits at IMDb

...Just two weeks ago, I was all like, “damn Hollywood be hating on some NYPD," and that reaches its apex here in The Other Guys. Seriously, have you ever seen a mainstream comedy that so relentlessly mocks the machismo ethos that pervades police precincts across the boroughs? I’ve never seen a movie that hated cops so much, painted them with such broad strokes as Yankee-loving, trigger-happy, Prius-hating ex-pimps: guys who can’t tell a ballet studio from a strip club, guys who cause millions of dollars in property damage and put untold lives at risk in order to nab suspects on a misdemeanor marijuana charge. (You know, such a realistic portrayal.)

The only thing The Other Guys seems to hate more than cops is bankers: this movie’s also the hitherto apotheosis of the economic anxiety that’s been creeping into the blockbusters lately...

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