09 February 2011

Lovers of Hate

Written & Directed by: Bryan Poyser
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Lovers of Hate, a cleverly structured and perfectly plotted comic-bummer, takes familiar types and jostles them into unfamiliar places. The movie borrows the old fraternal-foils formula: Rudy (Chris Doubek) can't hold a job, lives out his car, showers in a car-wash and pines for (and perpetually pesters) his ex-wife, Diana (Heather Kafka). His little brother Paul (Alex Karpovsky, slimy and supercilious as ever) is the successful author of a popular fantasy series for children for which Rudy claims some credit. When Paul goes to Park City to work on a new book—is there a Sundance joke I'm not getting?—Rudy follows uninvited to discover his brother is having a fling with Diana.

This queasy love triangle tale tightens like a noir with a heartbreaking slapstick edge, as simmering professional and romantic jealousies work their way to the fore.

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