08 February 2011


Directed by: Alister Grierson
Written by: John Garvin & Andrew Wight

It's set within alien-like terrain, often underwater, at the last frontier of earthly exploration: because it boasts so many of his hallmarks—the villain is the corporate underwriter!—you can see why James Cameron slapped his name onto Sanctum, as executive producer. (It even features an actress, Alice Parkinson, who uncannily evokes a young Sigourney Weaver.) It's also in digital 3D, the newish technology for which Cameron has become the leading advocate—which is why it's so disappointing that Grierson, the director who comes approved by his persnickety producer, seems to have little understanding of how to use the effect for maximum, um, effect.

He does not, at least, indugle 3D's most egregious excess—he eschews eye-poking "boo!" moments. Great 3D does not jut out at you, but sucks you into it. Grierson works hard to make the 3D subtle—so much so that, for most of the movie, it's invisible.

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