16 February 2011

Vanishing on 7th Street

Directed by: Brad Anderson
Written by: Anthony Jaswinski
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Horror's underlying phobia, the fear of the unlighted, is made literal in this solemn, Shyamalanian scarer: it's not what might be hiding in the shadows that threatens to devour the movie's apocalypse-survivors, but darkness itself. (Yes, this premise is very similar to a Dr. Who episode.) As the latest horror movie that loathes its audience, Vanishing begins at an AMC multiplex, where a theater full of knuckleheads (howling at the latest Adam Sandler comedy) instantly goes dark, the patrons disappeared like outspoken Pinochet critics, their clothes left behind like a rapture. Such dematerialization proves a citywide epidemic.

Unfortunately, after this goosepimpling set-up—in which streets are deserted I Am Legend style, and airplanes stumble out of the sky—Vanishing gives way to the schematic assembly of archetypal strangers in a dive bar on the titular block...

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