14 February 2009

Friday the 13th

Directed by Marcus Nispel
Written by Damian Shannon & Mark Swift
Full credits from IMDb

As the popularity of slasher movies waned, “torture porn” filled the hole they left in multiplexes; as horror goes, that new subgenre often boasts a relatively complex, almost progressive moral underpinning: Hostel's victims are largely misogynistic or boorish Americans-abroad, in desperate need of comeuppance; the Saw series punishes those who don't fully appreciate the Gift of Life. The Friday the 13th "reimagining," or whatever we're supposed to call it, marks a return, if only temporarily, to the simplicity of late-Carter/early-Reagan Puritanism: its victims are punished because they enjoy life, albeit bacchanalianly, through good ol' fashioned youthful debauchery — beer-swilling, sex and, above all, marijuana use.

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