21 February 2009

Must Read After My Death

Written & Directed by: Morgan Dews
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Grade: 2/5

Watching Must Read After My Death, writer-director Morgan Dews’ found-footage narcissistumentary, is akin to listening to a stranger describe his nocturnal dreams: it’s dull and confusing, not nearly as intriguing as the storyteller believes it to be. After Dews’ grandmother (Aliss, last name omitted to protect the privacy of the living) died, the filmmaker discovered a trove of media in her home preserved for posterity, including photographs, Dictaphone records, magnetic audiotape and reels of Kodachrome. Aliss had a habit of recording herself confessing her fears, concerns and insights, as well as taping the family’s feuds. Assembled, the collection documents her family’s descent into dysfunction during the 1960s.

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Check out Rotten Tomatoes dude. 94% FRESH. You, on the other hand, 94% not.

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