17 April 2009

The Exploding Girl

Written & Directed by: Bradley Rust Grey
Full credits from IMDb

Or, The Girl Who Ran Over Her Minutes, as epileptic Ivy (Zoe Kazan) spends half the film chatting on her cellphone. Some of those conversations are unsettlingly authentic, but — hark, young directors! — authenticity alone is not a virtue. This is the kids-in-Brooklyn-apartments movie run amok: shallow people stammer insufferably with little subtext, insight or significance, criminally underserving cinematographer Eric Lin’s gorgeous compositions. Gray’s wife, So Yong Kim, served as producer and assistant director; Exploding is In Between Days’ de-Koreaned doppelganger. Each was named for opposite faces of the same Cure 45; this is, conspicuously, the B-side.

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