29 April 2009

In the Loop

Directed by: Armando Ianucci
Written by: Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Armando Ianucci & Tony Roche
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In the Loop, a manic and borderline screwball verbal satire, marries two comic styles from opposite ends of the pond: zany yet dry-witted English sitcom humor — a la Steve Coogan’s multiple Alan Patridge series, which director Iannucci helped write and produce — meshed with its goofier American counterpart. (Think the ensemble films of Christopher Guest.) For once, Britain and the U.S. sensibilities comedically complement one another: In the Loop is hilarious, peerlessly so among its contemporaries. And it isn’t funny for funny’s sake, either, like so many American film comedies; it uses its humor Colbertly, for the worthy cause of political lampooning.

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