06 May 2009

Rudo y Cursi

Written & Directed by: Carlos Cuaron
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Grade: 3/5

Don't let Rudo y Cursi's vérité aesthetic fool you: despite the shaky, prowling camera capturing glimpses of Latin American poverty, this is, at heart, a glossy party film...it feels very much like a makeshift-family affair, the Spanish-language version of the Apatow Dumpling Gang's excuse-for-a-vacation Forgetting Sarah Marshall or the Soderberghers' excuse-to-hang-out Ocean's series. Rudo y Cursi's ensuing dramas — the rivalries, the falls from grace, the hot-headed hotel room trashings — feel emotionally disingenuous, like mere excuses to move the story along to another congenial bull session, another party, another sunny locale, another upscale hotel, another soccer game.

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