22 May 2009

Terminator Salvation

Directed by: McG
Written by: John D. Brancato & Michael Ferris
Full credits from IMDb

For a movie about the dangers of technologization, the explodographic Terminator Salvation sure has a fetish for all things mechanical, from skyscraping megarobots and cluttered computer screens to whooshing airplanes and whizzing motorcycles. Director Joseph McGinty Nichol, who calls himself "McG," is less interested in story or theme than in spectacle; not five minutes in, he shows his hand with a scene in which a cop killer is given a lethal injection in front of a seated audience. Death is performance. Those bloodthirsty extras are we...This Terminator is set in a post-apocalyptic west coast, and McG plays it like Cormac McCarthy for the Transformers crowd.

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