15 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Directed by: David Yates
Written by: Steve Kloves
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...And the Half-Blood Prince? More like And the Hot-Blooded Teens. The latest installment of the sorcerer septology-turned-octology is packed with disgruntled exes, jilted lovers and bourgeoning couples: hormonal wiz-kids playing out their soap operas with the help of spells, potions and come-hither stares. In the very first scene, Potter (Daniel "We've All Seen Your Dingle Now" Radcliffe) picks up his waitress in a cafĂ©. It's standard Y.A. school-corridor romance, but a lot of the Potter franchise is derivative; this entry nods to no less than Batman, Superman II, Vertigo, The Wizard of Oz, Narnia, The New Testament, The Lord of the Rings and The Legend of Zelda. The new Potter is familiar, predictable — by mid-film, you could make a quick checklist of the dangling plot points that'll need to be cleared up before we're excused — but all archetypal fantasies are basically the same. That's what makes them popular. What makes this film actually good, though, is its despairing tone...

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