10 July 2009

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Directed by: Carlos Saldanha & Mike Thurmeier
Written by: Yoni Brenner
Full credits at IMDb

So: worst episode of Everybody Loves Raymond ever? (Which is really saying something!) Except unlike that show, the family here...is made up of more than just suburban whites; but Ice Age 3’s multiculturalism seems shallow, an ostensible celebration of diversity, classic pseudo-liberalism, meant to secrete its embedded conservatism. Yeah, yeah, its “herd” is made up of many different types of animals, and its main married couple is multiracial. (Romano and Latifah would make the best real life celebrity couple.) I suppose it’s nice that Ice Age 3 aims to teach children to accept friends and makeshift-family members of all shapes, sizes and species—even Sid the Sloth, who, mid-film, adopts a few baby dinosaurs, and takes to referring to himself as a “she,” as their “mommy”. Even pan-sexuals can be a part of our families.

But they can’t raise their own families. The film’s point seems to be that it takes a mommy and daddy to raise properly a baby, as the Latifah-Romanos are pitched as the movie’s true parental figures; Sid, as the failure. Or at least that it takes a dinosaur mommy to raise dinosaur babies. (But not necessarily a dinosaur daddy, as the dino-mommy spends the film on the run from the presumable father: a savage, a batterer.) So, is Sid meant to represent the adoptive parent? The homosexual? The single father? Or what?

But that’s all small potatoes when it comes to Ice Age’s real agenda: Drill, baby, drill!

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