16 August 2009

District 9

Directed by: Neill Blomkamp
Written by: Terri Tatchell & Neill Blomkamp
Full credits at IMDb

The director of District 9, the fairly ambitious, sometimes fake-documentary about extraterrestrial settlements in South Africa (and accompanying government perfidy), has been making the rounds, telling reporters his film is an allegory for apartheid. It’s unusual for a filmmaker to be so blunt about his film’s Meaning: it seems to imply that Blomkamp is a bit desperate to establish that his is a Serious Film—that the blockbuster-of-the-week guise is but a mere trapping.

That proves to be more of an albatross than a virtue: because District 9 packs some social-issues seriousness into its sci-fi wackiness, I’m tempted to hold it to a higher standard than it could live up to; the movie is superlative popcorn fare, but disappointing Cinema...

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