05 August 2009

Paper Heart

Directed by: Nicholas Jasenovec
Written by: Nicholas Jasenovec & Charlyne Yi
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What is love? Ask a stupid question and you get a stupid movie. Paper Heart, a "50 percent documentary" for tweens and by (people with the mental capacity of) tweens, stars Charlyne Yi, a button-cheeked grinner best known hitherto for a brief but memorable appearance as a stoner chick in Knocked Up; she makes a poor narrator — she's not particularly charming or smart — and the film's thesis smacks of disingenuous gimmickry: Yi believes that love doesn't exist, or at least that she can't feel it. She wishes she were so sociopathic! Instead, she comes off as a college-aged kid who thinks she's smarter than everyone else — or, boo hoo, just doesn't fit in to a love-rife society. She and her director Jasenovec (played on-screen by Jake Johnson) travel the country (including a quick trip to NYC so they can find some gays), interviewing Ordinary People — high school sweethearts, musicians, bikers, romance novelists, divorce professionals, biochemists, kids at a playground — on the subject of love, true and otherwise.

Those interviews are stunningly banal, full of pat insights followed by stories both cautionary and optimistic about love lost and found.

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