05 February 2010

Terribly Happy

Directed by: Henrik Ruben Genz
Written by: Henrik Ruben Genz & Dunja Gry Jensen
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"Based on actual events," Terribly Happy (Frygtelig lykkelig) follows Robert (Jakob Cedergren), a cop from Cop[enhagen] out of water, and at loggerheads with the locals, in the Danish countryside-town to which he has been relocated. Oh, so it's like Hot Fuzz? Right, except it's not funny (critics have been calling it "darkly comic" because they think that's a synonym for "Scandinavian"). Oh, then it's like Sleepy Hollow? Well, yeah, except it isn't scary. Then, like a Coen Brothers movie (isn't Fargo essentially a Scandinavian movie?)? What, with all the weirdoes that occupy the margins; or a David Lynch movie, with its anxious edge of malformation and menace? Yes, it's an insubstantial imitation of all of those—and more! It feels terribly 90s, when such half-considered emulations arrived with frequency, as though you should be renting it on VHS—or taping it off pre-Queer Eye Bravo—because you saw a preview for it before whatever Miramax misfire you'd misguidedly rented the day before.

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