09 April 2010

Breaking Upwards

Directed by: Daryl Wein
Written by: Peter Duchan, Zoe Lister Jones & Daryl Wein
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The most significant emotional experience of a young man's life is often his first big break-up, which might explain why we see so many separation movies starring twentysomethings—"my specific heartbreaking story must be told!" It's particularly the case in the indies, where emerging artists are encouraged to indulge their Deepest Feelings. On the more mainstream, and shallower, side, there was last year's (500) Days of Summer; on the indier, sincerer side, there's the alternately endearing and exhausting Breaking Upwards. Both deal with unremarkable Millennials working through unremarkable problems. The question is, do they do so remarkably?

Well, in the case of Breaking Upwards—sort of. (For the former—no way!)

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