16 April 2010

Pornography: A Thriller

Written & Directed by: David Kittredge
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"You like to watch?" Yeah, Pornography, kind of pretentious, is one of those movies. Kind of amazing, too, it's also the Citizen Kane of gay porn ghost stories. Told in three distinct and uroboric acts, it revolves around the years-ago disappearance of a male-porn star (Jared Grey) and its present-day effect on a Brooklyn writer (Matthew Montgomery) and an L.A. adult film icon-turned-adult-film director (Pete Scherer). The first is working on a Social History of homosexual pornography, the other a screenplay that looks a lot like the first third of the movie we're watching: that is, Pornography's last act concerns the creation of its first—by a character with a tangential role in the second—which might explain why, for its first few reels, it self-consciously mimics the stilted line readings, hard-working dialogue and contrived set-ups of a dirty movie refigured as straight-to-video horror-noir.

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