18 May 2010

Daddy Longlegs

Written & Directed by: Ben and Josh Safdie
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Josh Safdie's features probe New York City privilege. His unappreciated 2008 debut, The Pleasure of Being Robbed, looked at the gentrifier's sense of revanchist entitlement through a klepto-hipsterette, whose pathological purse-snatching served as a microcosmic form of her broader crime--"stealing" a city. The latest, Daddy Longlegs, a little older and wiser, also explores such issues of race and class, but zeroes in on the arrogance of parents, especially the Park Slope-ish kind. The conspicuously autobiographical film, co-directed by Josh's brother Ben, doubles as a portrait of disillusionment, of two kids recognizing that their fun-loving father isn't so fun after all.

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