04 May 2010

Into Eternity

Directed by: Michael Madsen
Written by: Michael Madsen & Jesper Bergmann

Michael Madsen’s Into Eternity concerns an under-construction, underground bunker in Finland that will store nuclear waste; the director shoots what's been built already hauntingly, like it’s the mineshaft in My Bloody Valentine. That’s because this documentary is “A Film For The Future” (as per its subtitle), a cautionary report on what this place is and why it’s so terrible, so that people of the future will never visit it. Of course, it’s unlikely that people 50,000 years into the future will be able to figure out how to play Into Eternity in whatever format in which they discover it, so it becomes gratingly smarmy and pretentious that Madsen (by match light!) continues to address audiences of the future (hope you guys appreciate aughties Eurotrash trip-hop!), and to do so as though they’re retarded. (“Man found fire but could not put fire out, so man…”)

It’s easy to look past the movie’s faults, though, and enjoy its long stretches of slow, poetic beauty...

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