08 February 2011

Oscar-Nominated Live-Action Shorts

The whole shorts package is fascinating because it offers glimpses of what appeals to the Academy—but, succinctly, in miniature. Like, in "Na Wewe" (my second fave of the lot), you have the Rwandan genocide (Hotel Rwanda), treated with a soft touch of absurdist levity (Life is Beautiful). Rwanda '94 is practically Poland '39 (Schindler's List), as Oscars go! And the story embraces commonality, humanism, while underlining the arbitrariness of our differences (The Blind Side, The Kids Are All Right). In "God of Love"—which retooled the Cupid myth for a French New Wave-affected present—they take a trip to the ballet (at Lincoln Center!!) to see, what else, Swan Lake—and we all know how much the Academy likes that!

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