30 June 2011

Cars 2

Directed by: John Lasseter & Brad Lewis
Written by: Ben Queen
Full credits at IMDb

Pixar's recent strategy has been to expand its audience by making movies for and about the new demographics that they wish to attract. Cartoons, especially well-made ones, will always draw kids and parents, but Up got grandparents to the theater, too; Toy Story 3 brought the young-adult millenials (older cousins? siblings?) who had been children themselves back in 1995. But the Cars franchise? It's for kids only; whatever the studio stands to lose in potential ticket sales it makes up for in merchandising. It's basically a toy commercial, just like Transformers.

Six months after the release of the first movie, Disney had already made $1 billion in retail sales. By now, the property has raked in ten times that, in toys and other crap. That should explain how puerile the movie is, from its introduction to the cliches from daddy's action movies to its pat themes about friendship.

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