21 July 2011

Fading of the Cries

Written & Directed by: Brian A. Metcalf
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Brian A. Metcalf is like one of those little dogs convinced it has a big dog's body. The writer-director's Fading of the Cries, a fun horror fantasy, feels like a blockbuster despite its indie budget, demonstrating the first-time feature-director's professional experience as a photographer, storyboarder, and visual effects supervisor on myriad shorts and advertising projects. The movie tells an archetypal story of an ordinary girl plucked from obscurity and placed in extraordinary circumstances: Sarah (Hallee Hirsh) is strolling somnolent streets, sipping stolen spirits with her bestie, when a zombie mob attacks; she's rescued by a sword-wielding protector (Jordan Matthews), who whisks her around town while they're attacked by more zombies and also demons, all commanded by Mathias (Brad Dourif), a sorcerer who wants back a powerful necklace—like many fantasy narratives, the movie hinges on a magic piece of jewelry (which is totally not a ring)—from Sarah, stolen from him by her uncle (Thomas Ian Nichols), whose destructive descent into magic unfolds in parallel flashbacks.

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