21 July 2011

Horrible Bosses

Directed by: Seth Gordon
Written by: Michael Markowitz and John Francis Daley, and Jonathan Goldstein
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Hey, wouldn't this have been a million times better if it had been about kids trying to kill their teachers? Imagine, it's called Bad Teachers (oh, wait), and instead of a sexy dentist you have an assaultive nun, etc. etc. I mean, these characters were just little kids in big-kid bodies, playing at murder helplessly and ignorantly, armed only with knowledge from Law and Order reruns, the same way they play at everything in their lives: sex (it's pretty good!!), work (it's hard!!). I wouldn't be surprised if the script had been rewritten to turn the characters from boys to men. Written as adults, they become an archetype, The Suburban Schmuck, multiplied by three. What a resilient cliche; I remember it from the television commercials of my youth, when some poor schlub couldn't program the time on his VCR! But if I had to pick one offensive element above all others? Geez, I'd probably go with the laziness of the writing. Jamie Foxx has those three scenes as a contracted "murder consultant," and the gag seems to be that he's like a script doctor—overpaid for his pat insights. But he's also a deus ex machina; at every act break, the characters run to him and he tells them how to proceed: why not break into all your targets' homes? Or try to blackmail your boss (even though it's obvious that the time has come to call the police)?

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