18 August 2010


Written & Directed by: Peter Brosens & Jessica Hope Woodworth
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Does Altiplano need to exist? According to itself, absolutely! But I'm not so sure. This politics-abandoning meditation on love, loss and transcultural commonality is self-validating, a movie in which a war photographer renounces her profession only to relearn, by the end, the necessary and cathartic power of images: how they put the protest in protest-suicide, the meaning into death. "Without an image," one character says, "there is no story." In the movies, that's true literally: Jasmin Tabatabai plays the shutterbug; Olivier Gourmet is her husband, an ophthalmologist relocated to a remote Andean village where mercury runoff from a gringo mine is blinding the indigenes. Ostensibly, this is some politically conscious dusty-realism, but Brosens & Woodworth approach it lyrically, exchanging the hardscrabble for something more numinous: this is ultimately not a polemic, but a spiritual about the transcontinental connection of souls.

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