25 August 2010

Make-Out With Violence

Directed by: Deagol Brothers
Written by: Deagol Brothers, Cody DeVos & Eric Lehning
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Make-Out with Violence is a movie about summer love and zombies, but it resists being categorized easily as a movie about either—for reasons good and bad. It boils down, maybe, to a cleverly conceived but dragged-out allegory of a teenager who won't let go of a puppy crush, basically asking, how would James Hurley have dealt with that whole Laura Palmer thing if she'd risen from the grave? When high-school senior Wendy (Shellie Marie Shartzer) goes missing and presumed dead, it's hard for everyone in her small town to deal: her boyfriend, her best friend, her general acquaintances. But it's hardest—as he frequently reminds the other characters—for Patrick (Eric Lehning), who nursed for her the kind of silent but soul-consuming crush common to adolescence. His pain eases some when his brothers find Wendy's bruised and bluish body, impossibly reanimated and tied up by the river, and hide it in a friend's bathroom. There, Patrick can tend to her like a houseplant—one that's more Audrey II than azalea—giving him an outlet for the feelings that outlived their original object.

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