27 August 2010


Directed by: Johnnie To
Written by: Wai Ka-Fai
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When Vengeance (Fuk Sau) opens, a mommy and a daddy are gunned down in their home while their kids watch from a secret hiding place. Then, from her hospital room, a bed-ridden survivor begs, “Avenge me!” Johnnie To’s latest jumps off from an origin-story so familiar—from Kill Bill, from Lost—it’s archetypal. But what sets it apart, like everything else in To’s often generic oeuvre, are the details. Such as, while the villains and the victims are predominantly Chinese, that sole survivor? Why, it’s Sylvie Testud! (In what disappointingly amounts to a cameo.) That black-clad archangel who promises her satisfaction? Johnny Fucking Hallyday, known 50 years ago as The French Elvis but now looking much more Expendable.

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